Travelling to Antarctica from Ushuaia

By TMA / 25 September 2018

Travelling to Antarctica from Ushuaia

Expeditions Online’s Ocean Nova Antarctica Cruise from Ushuaia may be the cruise you’ve been waiting for if you've been thinking of travelling to Antarctica!

One of the cheapest ways to visit Antarctica – especially with our early-bird discount

A photograph of the incredible Ushuaia

A photograph of the incredible Ushuaia

If you’ve been thinking about taking a trip to the Antarctic but weren’t sure about the cost, then Expeditions Online’s Ocean Nova Antarctica Cruise from Ushuaia may be the cruise you’ve been waiting for. Due to the specialist equipment and extreme weather conditions, all cruises and expeditions to the Antarctic are more expensive than traditional holiday cruises. This means you’re never going to find an extremely cheap cruise to the Antarctic — or, if you do, it’s probably too good to be true. Expeditions Online takes great pride in our range of Antarctic cruises, but we know that the price entry level may be too high for some explorers. We hope that offering an early-bird discount on our already-more-affordable Ushuaia to Antarctica cruise will encourage a few people to book the trip of lifetime

The Ocean Nova – Prices from $4995 for this Antarctica cruise


If you look through our impressive range of Antarctic cruises and expeditions, you’ll notice that this trip from Ushuaia is cheaper than the others. This lower price doesn’t reflect a “lower experience”, it’s just that the ship (the Ocean Nova) is much smaller than many of our other ships and this lowers the cost significantly. There are two main advantages to cruising to the Antarctic on a smaller ship:

1. Fewer passengers makes for a more intimate experience

As there are just 71 passengers aboard the Ocean Nova, it makes for an intimate experience. Whereas it’s the larger size of our other ships that make for a lot of hustle and excitement, this smaller vessel makes it much more likely that you’ll get to know many of your fellow polar explorers. 

2. The smaller size makes it easier to access some parts of the Antarctic

Another benefit of the Ocean Nova’s smaller size is that it can go into smaller bays and areas where a larger ship can’t reach. It can do this and still go everywhere the larger ships go, so it’s a win-win!

Exploring the Antarctic Peninsula with your own expert guides


A big draw to most of our Antarctic cruises and expeditions is that our ships have their own on-board experts, and the Ocean Nova is no exception! Watch out for whales and other sea mammals with the insight of our on-board wildlife specialist – and look out for some of the various species of penguins found on the Antarctic Peninsula. If you’d like to see as many penguins as possible, this cruise is one of the best in our range, and you can learn more about the different species of penguins on our Best Antarctic Cruises to see Penguins blog.

Visiting Ushuaia


Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

Another great reason to choose the Ocean Nova over some of our other cruises is that you set off from Ushuaia, the capital city in Tierra del Fuego. This is the southern-most tip of South America and Ushuaia is actually the most southerly city in the world. This is a beautiful part of the world, but its isolated position means that no one is ever passing it on their way to anywhere else! This means that choosing to take the Ocean Nova cruise from Ushuaia will also ensure you see one of the most remote and charming cities on Earth! On this cruise, you will start out in Ushuaia and you’ll finish up in Ushuaia, so you will have plenty of opportunity to explore.

An early-bird discount of $1,000 on this Antarctic cruise

As we said at the start of this blog: no one really expects an Antarctic cruise to be cheap. It’s just too specialised a journey for low costs. However, we wanted to ensure that some people whose budgets were perhaps a little lower could still afford to take a trip on one of our Antarctic cruises. This is why we’ve also offered an early-bird discount on top of our already more affordable Ocean Nova cruise cost. If you book your cruise for the 2019/2020 season before 31st of December 2018, you’ll be able to save a further $1,000 (USD) or an equivalent amount in a different currency. This means that the $5,995 cruise can be booked for $4,995. We hope this further discount will help a few budding explorers begin planning the expedition of a lifetime! If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

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