Antarctica Expedition Cruises

Antarctic Expeditions: Cruises, excursions and travel

Antarctica Expedition Cruises

Antarctic Expeditions: Cruises, excursions and travel

Browse the extensive collection of Antarctica cruises available here at Expeditions Online. Visit the most awe-inspiring travel destination on the planet and have the adventure of a lifetime! Our expedition cruises to Antarctica are ecotourism at its best: witness wildlife, wilderness, and untouched beauty on an immense scale. Learn from onboard polar experts and experience the sense of adventure you get from exploring planet Earth's last true wilderness. Most cruises to Antarctica sail from Argentina to the Antarctic Peninsula, with the shortest trips visiting the western side of the Peninsula from 10-12 days, with slightly longer versions sailing south of the Polar Circle 66 degrees or into the Weddell Sea. If you want to save time and a rough sea passage, there are also air-cruises that fly from Chile to Antarctica, joining the ship there. For a complete Antarctic experience (and lots of different penguin species!) take a look at the cruises in South Georgia and the Falklands. Epic voyages from Australia or New Zealand visit Antarctica's Ross Sea and East Antarctica region — where you'll find huge mountains, vast icebergs, and amazing wildlife while following in the footsteps of many of history's pioneering explorers.

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So, you have been dreaming of going on holiday in Antarctica for a while now and are ready to book your trip?

Our guides have prepared a list of activities you will be able to enjoy during your expedition, as well as some tips to help you pack for your Antarctic cruise. Wildlife is very diverse in Antarctica and if you’re lucky, you will get to see some of the amazing wildlife that inhabits this beautiful part of the world, such as Leopard Seals, King Penguins, and even Blue Whales!

This is not an exhaustive list, so have a read of our top 10 animals you can see in Antarctica blog to find out more about the incredible animals you will see during your trip.

Following is a small selection of featured Antarctica cruises:


Classic Antarctica Cruise: MV Ushuaia

A small ship cruise to the Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands aboard the M/V Ushuaia

FROM 4860.00
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Antarctic Explorer: World Explorer

An 11 day expedition on board the luxurious new World Explorer discovering the amazing Antarctic Peninsula

FROM 11995.00
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South Georgia Explorer: MV Plancius

An early-season voyage focussing exclusively on wildlife-rich South Georgia, sailing on the comfortable expedition ship M/V Plancius

FROM 10500.00
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Antarctica's Ross Sea: Heritage Adventurer

Explore Antarctica's seldom-seen and spectacular Ross Sea, with its mountains, ice-shelves, abundant wildlife and fascinating history

FROM 29450.00
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Antarctic Express: Fly the Drake Ocean Adventurer

An 8 day express Antarctic expedition on board the elegant Ocean Adventurer including flights to Antarctica

NOW 12345.00
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Weddell Sea Quest: M/V Ushuaia

An 11 day expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland Islands & Weddell Sea aboard the M/V Ushuaia

FROM 7990.00
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Antarctica Small Ship Expedition: Ocean Nova

A boutique 10 day adventure cruise to Antarctica. Sail to the beautiful Antarctic Peninsula on the small expedition ship Ocean Nova

NOW 5995.00
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Remote Weddell Sea Explorer: Ortelius

A rare and incredible expedition to South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands - Neuschwabenland, Vahsel Bay, Larsen Ice Shelf, Paulet & Devil, Elephant Is

FROM 24700.00
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