Why a Polar Expedition Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

By admin / 24 January 2018

Why a Polar Expedition Should be on Your Travel Bucket List

Antarctica and the Arctic are two parts of the globe that guarantee to inspire and astound like no other place you’ve ever visited. This is why a polar expedition should be on your travel bucket list—right at the very top!

Visiting one of the coldest and most remote regions of the world may not be the first thing that springs to everyone’s mind when planning that annual summer holiday, especially if golden sandy beaches and scorching temperatures are essential requirements. However, no matter your usual vacation preferences, Antarctica and the Arctic are two parts of the globe that guarantee to inspire and astound like no other place you’ve ever visited. This is why a polar expedition should be on your travel bucket list—right at the very top! 

Ultimate Adventure 

Once reserved for only the most experienced explorers, researchers and scientists, polar travel is more accessible than ever. No matter your travel or sailing experience—or lack thereof—you can follow in the footsteps of the world’s most renowned explorers, like Ernest Shackleton and Robert Falcon Scott, and experience the ultimate adventure on a polar expedition cruise to Antarctica or the Arctic.  

Circle of people standing at the North Pole

Plant your flag on top of the world at the North Pole!

Sublime Landscapes 

The geographical uniqueness of Antarctica and the Arctic makes for the most sublime landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Neither words nor pictures can accurately convey what it’s really like to experience the striking views and incredible atmosphere of the polar regions firsthand. 

Snowy mountain ranges and moss-covered peaks of the grandest scales. Perpetually moving ice fields and green tundra terrains against a seemingly never-ending horizon. Formidable sparkling glaciers and aqua blue icebergs, reflecting the otherworldly colours of the peculiar polar sunlight. Black-sand beaches and rocky outcrops inhabited by thousands of chattering penguins and seabirds. 

Few places on earth boast such raw wilderness and extraordinary physical appeal as the polar regions. Offering the widest variety of ecosystems, remarkable wildlife and unblemished landscapes, there is not a hint of monotony on a polar expedition to Antarctica or the Arctic. 

Landscape of Spitsbergen


Incredible Wildlife 

Only the toughest wildlife can survive in the polar regions, but these remote and seemingly barren landscapes are home to an rich diversity of wildlife that has evolved and adapted to live in these extreme environments. The opportunity to watch these land and sea animals in their natural habitats is an experience like no other. 

On an expedition cruise to the Arctic, you will find polar bears, walrus, Arctic hares, reindeer and caribous, the Greenland wolf, stunning Arctic birds like puffins and snowy owls, and many species of whales—including narwhals, belugas, bowheads, humpbacks and minke.  

As the coldest place on Earth, Antarctica is a rather inhospitable place and thus has no permanent human inhabitants—unlike the Arctic, which is home to millions of people. The wildlife  that does live in Antarctica, however, is predominantly supported by the sea (because it’s often warmer than the land!) and includes seals, blue whales and a number of other whale species, and a whole host of penguins, including gentoos, king penguins, Adélies, chinstraps, and emperor penguins

Polar bear in the Arctic with cubs.jpg

Will you be lucky enough to see polar bears on your trip?

Outstanding Photo Opportunities   

Forget those holiday pics where the subject is pretending to hold up the leaning Tower of Pisa. Everyone’s got that shot. In the polar regions, the extreme weather, dramatic scenery, incredible wildlife, and surreal light all make for a photographer’s dream and the most enviable holiday album you could imagine. It’s not unusual for many of our passengers to take thousands of photographs, so bear this in mind if you shoot with film! 

What surprises most people during their first polar expedition is the vast array of colours and life - it’s not all flat, white and desolate. The landscapes and seascapes of the polar regions are the most inspiring and fascinating sights to photograph. As are the portly seals and walrus basking on the shore, the pods of parading whales breaching the surface of the ocean, and the masses of comical penguins tobogganing across the ice and dive-bombing the water. You may need a tripod to photograph the latter because you’ll be laughing too much to keep your hand steady. 

Pushing Boundaries 

A polar expedition is a unique adventure during which you will get to challenge yourself in many ways. Whether that’s pushing passed your comfort zone in terms of holiday destinations, improving your photography skills in an unfamiliar and unparalleled environment, or trying out new activities like trekking, kayaking,  cross-country skiing, camping on ice, taking a polar plunge, getting up close to icebergs on a zodiac… or stripping down to your swimming gear for an afternoon on an Antarctica beach! At the end of your polar expedition, you’ll feel like a new person, having challenged yourself and pushed your boundaries.  

Tour to the Spitsbergen Glaciers

Get our into the Arctic waters and get close to stunning glaciers!

Visiting Antarctica or the Arctic on a Polar Expedition Cruise 

Be inspired and discover the sheer joy, unexpected sights, and incredible wildlife and beauty of the wild corners of the earth on an polar expedition cruise. At Expeditions Online, our specialty is polar cruises on small ships, travelling to Antarctica, Arctic Svalbard, Greenland, and many other incredible destinations in the polar regions. If you would like more information, contact us online or visit us at expeditionsonline.com 

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