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Polar expedition cruises on small ships - this is our speciality - we simply love travel and cruises to Antarctica, Arctic Svalbard, Greenland and nature's most wonderful, adventure travel destinations! Let us help you choose the best expedition trip for you - we have personally visited all the destinations featured and travelled onboard all the expedition vessels. We provide expert, totally independent advice! Remember... when visiting the polar regions choose a small ship expedition and enjoy big adventures!

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Featured cruises to Antarctica & the Arctic

Antarctic Small Ship Expedition

Price from $5995

Special Offer $1000 Saving Tour Code AP-OCN

Great value Antarctica cruises on a small, modern and comfor...

Available: November & March | Duration: 10 days

Antarctica Adventure - Akademik Sergey Vavilov

Price from $5950

$750 Early Booking Discount Tour Code AP-VAV

After spending 10 nights on board exploring this wonderful p...

Available: December - March | Duration: 11 days

Classic Antarctica Cruise: MV Ushuaia

Price from $4950

Tour Code AP-USH

This Classic Antarctic adventure cruise on board the MV USHU...

Available: November - March | Duration: 10 or 11 day departures

Antarctica Explorer: Ocean Diamond

Price from $5995

Book Early Bonus Tour Code AP-OCD

This expedition offers the perfect chance to discover the be...

Available: Dec - Feb | Duration: 11 days

Polar Circle Antarctica: M/V Ortelius

Price from $7750

Tour Code AP-ORT

Whales and seals are frequently seen during Antarctic Circle...

Available: March | Duration: 12 days

Antarctica Marine Mammals - Akademik Vavilov

Price from $6750

$750 Early Booking Discount Tour Code

February and March is definitely the peak time for visiting ...

Available: March | Duration: 11 days

Spitsbergen Circumnavigation: M/V Ocean Nova

Price from $7995

Tour Code SV-OCNQ

Spitsbergen is the largest island of the Svalbard archipelag...

Available: June-July | Duration: 13 days

South Georgia and Falkland Islands - Plancius

Price from $11750

Tour Code SG-PLA

Meet at least five penguin species during this rare and spec...

Available: November | Duration: 20 days

Crossing the Circle Express: Sea Adventurer

Price from $11995

Book Early Bonus Tour Code AP-SEA

Enjoy Antarctica in style — by flying and then cruising so...

Available: February | Duration: 10 days

Antarctica Off the Beaten Track - Akademik Ioffe

Price from $7050

$750 Early Booking Discount Tour Code AP-IOF

Explore from south of the Lemaire Channel to the northern ti...

Available: November | Duration: 13 days

Weddell Sea Emperor Penguin Voyage: M/V Ortelius

Price from $11250

20% Discount! Tour Code AW-ORT

This remarkable voyage on board the M/V Ortelius attempts to...

Available: November - December | Duration: 11 days

The Antarctic Peninsula: Sea Explorer

Price from $6250

Tour Code AW-SEX

This voyage features the abundant wildlife and spectacular s...

Available: November - February | Duration: 12 days

Antarctica Classic - M/S Expedition

Price from $4950

Tour Code AP-EXP

Vivid emerald, violet tints, intense blue and crimson light ...

Available: November-March | Duration: 11 days

Classic Antarctica Air/Cruise: M/V Ocean Nova

Price from $9795

Tour Code AP-OCN

Jumping over Cape Horn and the mythical waters of the Drake...

Available: December - February | Duration: 7 days

Ross Sea and Peninsula: MV Ortelius

Price from $24950

Tour Code AR-ORT

An epic 32 day expedition across Antarctica onboard the MV O...

Available: January-March | Duration: 32 days

Wake of Scott & Shackleton: Spirit of Enderby

Price from $19450

Tour Code AR-END

The heart of what is known as the Heroic Age' of Antarctic e...

Available: January-March | Duration: 29/30 days

Polar Circle Quest: M/V Ushuaia

Price from $7550

Tour Code AP-USH

This 11 night expedition cruise to Antarctica on board the M...

Available: January-February | Duration: 12 day departure

Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica: Sea Adventur

Price from $15995

Tour Code SG-SEA

This extended expedition encompasses the wildlife paradise o...

Available: February-March | Duration: 23 days

Shackleton Spirit: Polar Pioneer

Price from $12650

Tour Code SG-PIO

Late summer offers the best chance to chart a course through...

Available: March | Duration: 20 days

Svalbard Photo Safari: M/S Stockholm

Price from $10950

Tour Code SV-STO

Join this 10 night cruise aboard the classic M/S Stockholm i...

Available: May | Duration: 11 days

Polar Bear Quest: M/S Quest

Price from $5690

Tour Code SV-QST

Visit Svalbard early in the summer season, when the midnight...

Available: May - July | Duration: 9 days

Spitsbergen Polar Bear Special: M/V Ortelius

Price from $3850

Tour Code SV-ORT

We sail to Raudfjord on the north coast of West Spitsbergen,...

Available: June | Duration: 8 days

Spitsbergen Polar Bear Safari: Sea Adventurer

Price from $4995

Tour Code SV-SEA

This voyage provides the opportunity to experience everythin...

Available: June-July | Duration: 9 days

Spitsbergen Odyssey Cruise: Polar Pioneer

Price from $6150

Tour Code SV-PIO

Our Spitsbergen cruise on the Spitsbergen Odyssey reveals th...

Available: July, August | Duration: 10 nights / 11 days

Greenland Explorer - Ultimate Thule: Sea Explorer

Price from $8995

Tour Code GR-SEX

This voyage includes the main western Greenland highlights a...

Available: August | Duration: 16 days

Three Arctic Islands: M/V Ocean Nova

Price from $8295

Tour Code GR-OCNQ

Iceland, Greenland, Spitsbergen. This award-winning expediti...

Available: August | Duration: 14 days

Northeast Greenland: M/V Ortelius

Price from $6050

Tour Code GR-ORT

A voyage starting in Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen) sailing alon...

Available: August-September | Duration: 13 days

East Greenland - Northern Lights: Ocean Nova

Price from $7295

Early Booking Bonus Tour Code GR-OCNQ

Scoresbysund, the world’s largest fjord system, beckons yo...

Available: September | Duration: 14 days

Ultimate Antarctica II - Emperors & Kings: Vavilov

Price from $10550

Early Booking Discount $750 Tour Code AW-VAV

This exciting new expedition allows us to maximize our time ...

Available: December - February | Duration: 12 days

Across the Antarctic Circle: Polar Pioneer

Price from $7800

Tour Code AP-PIO

Celebrate crossing latitude 66° 33’ South in the wake of ...

Available: February / March | Duration: 11 days



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