M/Y Tucano

Specifically designed for deep Amazon expeditions, the charming M/Y Tucano has a shallow draft, a fleet of exploration craft, exquisite wooden interiors and comfortable accommodation for a maximum of 18 passengers.

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M/Y Tucano

Specifically designed for deep Amazon expeditions, the charming M/Y Tucano has a shallow draft, a fleet of exploration craft, exquisite wooden interiors and comfortable accommodation for a maximum of 18 passengers.

The M/Y Tucano’s highly experienced captain and staff take you to some of the remote tributaries that are literally uncharted waters. They have a passion for exploration and hunt deep into the small, heavily-forested tributaries where the Amazon's most interesting creatures still thrive .... as they have for millions of years. Experience magnificent flora and fauna that is almost always invisible to travellers on more typical cruises. We almost never see any other people or other boats. This is what makes our cruises spectacular experiences that few people ever will be able share... in their entire lives. The M/Y Tucano takes you further and deeper than all other cruises!

A Touch of Elegance

The M/Y Tucano is a very well appointed yacht. The spaces and furnishings were designed in the style of the luxury steamers of the 19th Century, but with the modern comforts of an elegant hotel. The staterooms and the salon are decorated with raised wood panels and accented with brass hardware. Artworks illustrating nature, adventure, and geography complete our ambience of elegance, exploration, and enthusiasm for the rainforest!

An exceptional Amazon Experience!

The M/Y Tucano expedition cruises are truly the best way to get to know the Amazon. The Tucano is comfortable, intimate, efficient, and fun and focussed on its expeditionary mission. The vessel is not a luxury vessel but a luxury cocoon is not the best way to experience the Amazon. It is important to be comfortable, but it is crucial on a cruise to venture outside of aquarium bubble that defines luxury cruising. Travellers can only truly experience the Amazon if they dive in and embrace to the fullest the exotic sights and sounds of this the greatest wilderness on earth. The M/Y Tucano is specifically designed to do just that.

Ideal Spaces to Observe the Forest

Even though we keep our group size small in number, the M/Y Tucano is a substantial vessel. The public spaces have plenty of plenty of space to spread out, study the forest nearby, and contemplate the wonders of nature. 

A Generous Salon

The salon of the M/Y Tucano is positioned at the forward part of the vessel and is surrounded by windows and a broad balcony. Thoroughly panelled in the elegant style of the classical era, this room serves as our dining room and lounge. It is a good place to observe the forest, read, or relax. From this air-conditioned space, filled with windows and situated at the front of the boat, you can see the fantastic forest around us.

Large Observation Deck 

The top deck is open and has a large sun canopy - a wonderful place to spot wildlife or soak in the vastness of the Amazon. There is also space to catch some sun and watch the Macaw parrots screeching across the afternoon sky.

Forward Mid-Deck Balcony

The middle deck has a wide balcony around the entire front of the vessel. This is a good spot to enjoy watching the vessel meander along thickly forested riverbanks and to observe pink dolphins leaping out of the water or monkeys bounding from one branch to another.

Comfortable Staterooms 

All of the 9 staterooms are outside staterooms with lots of windows. They are not palatial, but large enough to get a good night's sleep after a full day of exploration. Most staterooms have individual beds and some have above and below beds. 

Private Bathrooms: 

Each stateroom on Tucano has a private bath with a shower, toilet, and a sink. Another aspect of the vessel that we think is really unique is that each shower as two shower heads! This is part of our solar sustainability design. One shower head provides water heated by our solar panels and the other via a pressurized system that is activated certain times of the day. The M/Y Tucano is the most sustainable vessel in the Amazon.

Windows to See the Forest 

There are 76 large windows on the M/Y Tucano and most of them open and close. There are screens so that you can enjoy the blossoms of the rainforest without worrying about mosquitos. There are actually relatively few of them where our voyages navigate: the least inhabited major river in the Amazon, the Rio Negro.


All the staterooms and the salon are air-conditioned, each with its own thermostat and individual controls. Travelers can choose to have the stateroom as cool or as warm as they wish. We encourage travelers to from time to time turn off the air-conditioning, acclimate to the equatorial climate, and smell the blossoms.


Our cooks create delicious meals based on Amazonian cuisine using all locally sourced fruits, fishes, and flavors unique to the Amazon. We do not strive for gourmet nor do we aspire to fine dining, but our meals are wholesome, locally sourced, and delicious. Our cooks rise before dawn to make a large breakfast and there is always a tantalizing scent coming out of the galley. We very frequently have travellers with special diets, including vegetarian. We do our very best to ensure that everyone has enjoyable meals on the Motor Yacht Tucano


Green Category

The two cabins in this category (#2, #7) have above and below berths (bunk beds). They are slightly smaller than the Yellow Category cabins but nevertheless comfortable.

Yellow Category

The five cabins in this category (#3, #4, #5, #6, #0) are larger and have beds side by side. The beds in cabins #3-6 can be joined together to form a queen-sized bed. Cabin #0 has a queen-size bed beside a single bed, but a quite small bathroom, and can hold three travelers.

Blue Category

The two cabins in this category (#1, #8) are designated single cabins, each with a single bed. On request, Blue Category cabins may be converted to Green Category with the insertion of a bunk bed.

Cabin green Cabin Yellow Cabin Blue

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