Svalbard: the Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure

By Stewart_Campbell / 08 February 2023

Svalbard: the Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure

Join an expedition through the realm of the polar bear – Svalbard! This Arctic archipelago is waiting to deliver some of the richest travel experiences you will ever have.

Are you looking for a unique and extraordinary travel adventure in 2023? Join an expedition cruise through the realm of the polar bear – Svalbard! Cruise along glistering glaciers, enjoy the magical midnight sun and observe iconic wildlife including walruses, reindeer, whales and polar bears.

To explore this incredible environment in a small group, accompanied by experienced polar guides is something truly special. In this newsletter we would like to hightlight our July departures with the comfortable 53-passenger ship M/S Quest. In July summer has arrived, and if you want a broad experience of Svalbard this is a perfect time to travel.

Some of the highlights in July:

The midnight sun!

A high summer holiday in Svalbard means many hours of light therapy. To experience the magical midnight sun with daylight around the clock is something truly special.

Midnight-sun_Copyright_Kerstin-Langenberger.jpgReach Further East!

The ice is slowly starting to loosen its grip, which offers good opportunities to explore the seldom visited eastern parts of the archipelago.

Further-East_SandraPetrowitz__DSC3523.jpgBråsvellbreen glacier front!

Maybe we reach this spectacular 45 kilometers long glacier front, a small part of Austfonna – one of the world’s largest ice caps.

Brasvellbreen_Copyright_Mattias-Horntrich-(2).jpgThe mighty pack ice!

If we're lucky, we encounter the mighty pack ice, where we enjoy the sceneries and keep a lookout for wildlife.

The-Might-packice_Copyright_Adam-Rheborg-(2)-2.jpgRefreshing hikes!

On land, more and more snow-free areas become accessible for longer walks.

Hikes_Copyright_Adam-Rheborg-(1).jpgColourful Arctic flowers!

Are there flowers on Svalbard? Yes, and July is a great month to see the Svalbard poppy and purple saxifrage decorate the slopes.

Flowers_Hikes_Copyright_Lisa-Strom-(5).jpgAlkefjellet bird cliff!

If the ice allows, we enter Hinlopen Strait. Here is Alkefjellet, an impressive, basaltic cliff, which is the home to an estimated 200 000 Brünnich’s guillemots.

Alkefjellet_Copyright_PolarQuest-(10).jpgThe giants of the sea!

Whales are more frequently seen in the waters and we have a chance to encounter two of the giants - the humpback whale and the enormous blue whale.

Whales_Copyright_PolarQuest-(1).jpgIconic Arctic wildlife!

Svalbard is home to some of the world's most exciting animal species. Throughout the season we have the chance to see walruses, seals, Arctic foxes, reindeer and the king of the Arctic – the polar bear.


Want to experience Svalbard for yourself? Take a look at the tour page for the Expedition Svalbard: M/S Quest expeditions! You can see all available dates by opening the red ‘Show Dates & Prices’ button underneath the introduction of the tour page and then select a departure date to see the various cabin category prices. We will reconfirm what is possible as soon as we receive your request. 

We hope you decide to join this incredible, small-group adventure!


Expedition Svalbard: M/S Quest

Join this 10 night, in-depth expedition cruise exploring the Svalbard archipelago onboard the 53-passenger M/S Quest

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