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Antarctica Cruises and Travel

A trip to the Antarctic takes you to the most wonderful travel destination on the planet! On a cruise to Antarctica, see thousands of penguins and other polar animals, the vast icy wilderness and unique nature. 

Most cruises sail from Ushuaia, Argentina or Chile to the Antarctic Peninsula. Longer small ship cruises sail to the Polar Circle  or into the Weddell Sea. For a complete Antarctic experience (and lots of penguins!) take a look at the voyages including South Georgia Island. Or save on sea time with quick Air-Cruises that fly to Antarctica. Epic cruises to Antarctica from Australia or New Zealand visit the Ross Sea region - home of huge mountains, vast icebergs, amazing wildlife and pioneering explorers.

Travel to Antarctica one day… it will change your life!

All leading small ship cruise lines are represented, including Quark Expeditions, Oceanwide Expeditions, Antarpply, Antarctica XXI, Aurora Expeditions, One Ocean Expeditions, Heritage Expeditions, Polar Latitudes - along with the very best vessels such as  PlanciusOrteliusPolar PioneerAkademik IoffeVavilovM/V UshuaiaSea ExplorerSea SpiritOcean DiamondM/S ExpeditionOcean Nova and more.

Following is a list of all expedition cruises to Antarctica - or click on the destination categories above to refine your search: