7 Reasons to Visit Svalbard During Springtime

By Stewart_Campbell / 01 March 2024

7 Reasons to Visit Svalbard During Springtime

Discover why an early season visit to the High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard offers the most amazing experience!

When spring arrives in Svalbard, the frozen archipelago comes alive, swapping darkness for a never-ending stream of daylight that envelops the archipelago. This time of rebirth is characterised by an endless, fairytale winter landscape of beautiful pastel colours and a wondrous purity. The fjord ice is thick, and many animals still wear their winter coats. Walruses can often be seen resting on the ice floes, and if you're lucky you might spot the king of the Arctic, the polar bear, walking across the frozen sea. For many, this time of year symbolises the essence of Svalbard, and few visitors are left untouched by this dreamy winter world. Below we have listed what we think are the best reasons to visit Svalbard in spring.


The magical winter landscape

Springtime in Svalbard offers a true polar experience with snow-covered landscapes, beautiful pastel colours and magnificent glaciers. In fact, the Arctic in its winter colours is so beautiful that you have to pinch yourself. The sun makes the snow crystals around you sparkle like little diamonds, and wherever you look you'll see boundless views, a dark blue polar sea and a sky that never seems to end.


The eternal light

The month of May often brings high pressure, which means clear blue skies and the best chance of seeing the midnight sun in all its glory, not hidden behind cloud cover. It is a dreamy feeling to lean against the railing in the bow in the middle of the night and enjoy the magnificent infinity of nature in full daylight.


Exciting Zodiac cruises

With our rubber boats we explore the magical winter landscapes of some of Svalbard's most beautiful fjords, making landings whenever possible. Cruising along ice-blue glaciers and between mighty icebergs is a feeling that is hard to beat.


Iconic wildlife

Lingering fjord ice means a good chance of seeing seals and walruses resting on ice floes. The Arctic foxes and the Svalbard reindeers still wear their winter coats and if you're lucky, you might even spot the king of the Arctic, the polar bear, walking across the ice.


Experience Svalbard on snowshoes

Each day we explore the magical wilderness of Svalbard, and the snow-covered landscape in May can give us the opportunity to hike with lightweight, modern snowshoes. This is a fantastic experience, made easier when the snow is deep. It hisses as you step up the slopes and thumps softly as you tread downhill in loose snow.


Greater chance of reaching the pack ice

Exploring the pack ice is a truly extraordinary experience. In May, the ice edge is lower, increasing the chances of reaching this frozen, dynamic world of ice. Cruising through the broken ice in a Zodiac and spotting the iconic Arctic wildlife is a real adventure.


A sense of exclusivity

Spring in Svalbard offers a unique sense of exclusivity, as few ships have arrived so early in the season. In addition, travelling on a smaller ship means you can reach most places and have a more flexible itinerary. The palpable silence and sense of being "alone in the wilderness" is powerful.


Springtime in Svalbard with M/S Quest

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Please note: We always follow strict wildlife guidelines to ensure that we do not cause any disturbance.

Photos Copyright Adrian-Nordenborg, Niklas-Nilsson, Maria-Nordvall, Camilla-Norberg, Mattias-Horntrich, Elke-Lindner, Kerstin Langenberger, Johanna-Vakkila, Johan-Reuthammar.


Springtime in Svalbard

An expedition with small ship MS Quest

Explore an awakening wonderland, Arctic wildlife and Svalbard’s magnificent fjords, with landings wherever the ice allows!

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