How to Choose an Antarctica Cruise

By TMA / 25 October 2018

How to Choose an Antarctica Cruise

We know that most people have never been on an Antarctic cruise or expedition and that a large part of our initial job is to reassure customers that they’re choosing the right cruise or expedition package to meet their needs.

Here at Expeditions Online, we try our best to offer as much information and insight as possible about our products. So find out the difference between an Antarctic Cruise and an Antarctic Expedition and decide which is right for you!


Choosing Between an Antarctic Cruise and an Antarctic Expedition

Recently, we published a blog post detailing some of the main reasons why people should consider going on a polar expedition. The sense of adventure, the challenge, the opportunities to see wildlife and take photographs, are all unparalleled with an Antarctic expedition. If you’re looking for the full, Antarctic adventure, then an expedition to the south pole might be perfect for you. However, there is still plenty of adventure on one of our Antarctic cruises, and they tend to be significantly less physically challenging than our expeditions. If you’d like to see everything Antarctica has to offer in relative comfort, then you should opt for an Antarctic cruise instead.

Choose the Antarctica Tour Package That Meets Your Needs


King Penguin colony in South Georgia 

The best advice we can give you is to do plenty of research and perhaps make a list of all of the main reasons you want to go on an Antarctic cruise. Then look through our various options to see which cruise best fits your needs. 

On our Antarctica cruises and expeditions page, you’ll find it split into numerous different categories: Antarctic Peninsula, Falklands & South Georgia, Weddell Sea cruises, etc. We needed to break up our Antarctic cruises into so many subcategories because Antarctica is huge and we needed a clear way to explain what the different cruises and expeditions entail. We can’t go into every single Antarctic cruise here, explaining what makes it so good, but we can give you a few contrasting samples of what you can expect. 

Crossing Circle Express: Fast sailing Antarctic tour package

This Antarctic Peninsula cruise is perfect for anyone keen to see as much of Antarctica as possible who would rather avoid the longer sea voyage included in most of our Antarctica cruises. In fact, the Ocean Adventurer ship offers the fastest, most direct passage to Antarctica! Starting out and finishing in Punta Arenas, Chile, this cruise has everything else you might want from an Antarctic tour: penguins, on-board experts, photography instructors, etc. 

Snow Hill: A penguin-lover’s perfect cruise  

This Antarctica Weddell Sea cruise is the perfect option for anyone eager to meet hundreds of emperor penguins — the largest and most well-known penguin species. On this cruise, you will also journey across the Antarctic waters on a zodiac and soar overhead on a helicopter. It’s one of the best Antarctic tour packages for people keen to seen penguins, whales, seals, seabirds, and other wildlife. 

Antarctica Cruise from Ushuaia: One of the cheapest ways to visit Antarctica

Last month, we wrote a blog post dedicated to our Ocean Nova Antarctic cruise setting off from Ushuaia in Argentina’s Tierra Del Fuego archipelago. This cheaper Antarctic cruise is perfect for people keen to see the Earth’s last great wilderness but can’t perhaps afford our larger Antarctic tour packages. This cheaper price doesn’t reflect a diminished experience, it’s just that the smaller Ocean Nova ship reduces the cost of running the cruise, so we can pass these savings onto our guests.

Perhaps you Should Consider an Arctic Cruise Instead…


Polar bear — North of Svalbard

It might seem strange to recommend an Arctic cruise in a blog post is about choosing Antarctic Cruises, but it’s worth noting that, while no Arctic adventure could ever be considered a cheap holiday, they are usually significantly cheaper than an Antarctic cruise — usually even cheaper than the Ocean Nova Antarctica discussed above. This is because it’s often easier (and therefore cheaper) to reach Arctic locations. This means that everything in our Arctic cruise range is more viable for explorers with more modest budgets. 

If you’d like to look for even more savings, you can keep a watchful eye on our Arctic Cruise Deals as and when they appear. As you might suspect, we update this list of deals depending on availability, so they change from season to season and from year to year. However, many of our special offers and deals can also be obtained by booking far enough in advance. These early bird discounts can take a significant amount off your overall cruise.

Choose the Antarctic Cruise with the Biggest Savings


Humpback whale just off the Antarctic Peninsula 


However, you may have very good reasons for choosing Antarctica over the Arctic. There are still various offers you can keep an eye on — which you can find on our Antarctica Cruise Deals page. There are early booking options for 18 months to two years from now that can offer significant discounts and there are other last-minute deals for Antarctic cruises where a space may suddenly become available. One of these deals can save you a lot of money, but we don’t recommend people wait for their dream Antarctica tour package to appear on this special offer page as this might never happen. 

We hope this guide has helped one or two readers choose the best Antarctica cruise for them. This could be the biggest adventure of your life, so it’s absolutely worth taking the time to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. If you have any questions about this guide or about any of the Antarctica cruises mentioned, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Start planning your great expedition to the Antarctic!  

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