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M/S Malmö

The M/S Malmö is a classic vessel built in 1943 in Helsingborg for the Swedish National Maritime Administration and has been in service for many years as an ice-strengthens pilot vessel. The M/S Malmö has a lovely patina and has been heritage listed since 2004. The ship has been totally refitted and will start her career as a comfortable and ice-strengthened expedition vessel in Svalbard for the 2014 summer season.

The M/S Malmö carries a maximum of 12 passengers in outside twin cabins, some with private facilities. She is a marvellous piece of maritime history with beautiful brass details and nice wooden decks. With a party of 12 on board it is like travelling on a private yacht and it offers an entirely different experience and perspective to that of a larger and more conventional vessel.

The vessel offers comfortable outside cabins and public spaces. 4 twin cabins with porthole, private toilet and shower, 1 single upper and lower berth. 2 twin cabins with porthole, shared facilities (toilet and showers to be shared in the corridors), 1 single upper and lower berth. 1 triple cabin with porthole, private toilet and shower, 2 single lower or 1 upper berths. The cabins are cozy, simple and small.

Voyages are primarily designed to offer passengers a quality exploratory wildlife program, trying to spend as much time ashore as possible. As the number of passengers is limited to 12, flexibility assures maximum wildlife opportunities. M/S Malmö  carries 2 Zodiacs, each Zodiac can comfortably carry 8-10  passengers and 12 passengers on short runs e.g. from ship to shore.

Cozy and simple cabins