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M/S Freya

The M/S Freya was built in 1981 in the Åsiverken shipyard in Amal as a lighthouse building vessel. Since then it has been used by the Swedish Coast Guard for environmental protection purposes; as a research ship by the University of Umeå; and has also spent time as a diving vessel. There are four twin cabins with two lower berths and a private bathroom. These cabins have an optional upper berth which can also be used as triples. There are a further two twin cabins with upper and lower berths and a private bathroom. As well as a fully stocked bar, guests will have the added luxury of a sauna to relax in after a long days searching for polar bears in the icy seas of the Svalbard Archipelago.

The ship was owned by the Maritime Administration until 2011, when it was taken over by the Swedish Coast Guard. MS Freya is built to Lloyd´s class for unrestricted trade and has the highest ice class 1A. The vessel was rebuilt and extended 5 meters with a tank section at Holms ship yard in Råå 1995.

Besides being a Coast Guard vessel, the ship was also used as an environmental protection vessel and periodically it has been chartered by Umeå Marine University for research. She was then regarded as one of the best equipped research vessels.

2015 the ship was renamed " Freya af Göteborg" and converted to an expedition ship. Home port is Göteborg, Sweden. With a engine power of 1360 hp, the highest ice class and certificates for unrestricted trade, MS Freya is an excellent and very useful expedition ship. For diving and snorkeling expeditions, there is a compressor (Bauer KA 14-55B) and a special diving ladder available. The ship will make her first season on Svalbard during the summer 2016.

Cozy and simple cabins