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History Of Svalbard & Spitsbergen

5 Aug 2016

The archipelago of Svalbard Norway, and Spitsbergen its main island, sits in the high Arctic. Two thirds of the Svalbard archipe…

Polar Bears - Where To See Them?

9 May 2016

Of all the beautiful Arctic animals, it is without doubt this iconic ‘King of the Arctic’ which is the biggest drawcard for a tr…

20% Last minute discounts: Spitsbergen and Scotland

3 Apr 2014

A Last Minute discount of 20% is now available for all new bookings on the Polar Pioneer's 2013 Spitsbergen Odyssey and Wild Sco…

Three New Boutique Svalbard Expeditions

2 Apr 2014

Announcing three new 'boutique' expeditions to Svalbard. Just added to the Expeditions Online portfolio are selected voyages on …

Sea Ice Decline and Ice Export through Fram Strait

17 Jan 2013

A new study on the Arctic Sea Ice Decline relating to Ice Export Between Greenland and Svalbard - See more at: http://expedition…

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Rare White Humpback Whale Sighted

19 Nov 2012

An extremely rare white whale has been causing a splash after being spotted swimming in a pod of humpbacks by a British maritime…