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New 'Under the Ice' Map of Antarctica

11 Jun 2013

NASA has recently released a video showing the results of a study assembled by the British Antarctic Survey - Bedmap2 - which pr…

Earliest satellite maps of polar sea-ice

25 Apr 2013

BBC reports the earliest satellite maps of Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice have been assembled by scientists. They were made using …

Antarctica summer ice melt greatest for 1000 years

16 Apr 2013

At a time when those of us in more northerly latitudes are longing for the spring thaw, it is sobering to learn that summer ice …

Classic South Georgia Expedition

15 Apr 2013

New voyage announced to South Georgia and Antarctica on board the M/V Ushuaia this October/November. This 16 night expedition to…

New Voyage: South Georgia & Antarctica including South Sandwich Islands!

12 Apr 2013

Announcing a new and rare voyage - Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands and Antarctica - a truly 'once in a l…

Remnants of massive iceberg still floating 13 years later

11 Apr 2013

A remnant piece of the mighty B-15 iceberg has been captured by NASA satellite — 13 years since it calved off Antarctica's Ross …

Antarctica Sea Ice Expansion - an explanation (or two?)

3 Apr 2013

Climate change might be expanding Antarctica's sea ice, according to a new study published by Nature Geoscience.

New Departure: Weddell Sea Quest

26 Mar 2013

New expedition cruise departure: Weddell Sea Quest on board the M/V Ushuaia - See more at: http://expeditionsonline.com/news/?cc…

Penguin colony discovered by satellite

14 Feb 2013

A 9,000-strong colony of penguins has been discovered in Antarctica after scientists spotted their poo trails in satellite image…

Sea Ice Decline and Ice Export through Fram Strait

17 Jan 2013

A new study on the Arctic Sea Ice Decline relating to Ice Export Between Greenland and Svalbard - See more at: http://expedition…

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