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Savings on M/S Expedition cruises

16 Oct 2013

Up to 20% savings are available on selected itineraries of the M/S Expedition to Arctic Svalbard and Antarctica. 15% Early Booki…

South Pole Record 'Warm' August

4 Sep 2013

August 2013 was the warmest on record at the South Pole’s Amundsen-Scott Station. - See more at: http://expeditionsonline.com/ne…

Huge canyon discovered under Greenland ice

30 Aug 2013

One of the biggest canyons in the world has been discovered beneath the Greenland ice sheet.

Near Record Sea Ice in Antarctica (again)

28 Aug 2013

The sea ice extent in Antarctica attained a near-record high level of 18.7 million square kilometres in mid-August this year, ac…

Join the 'Spirit of Mawson' Expedition

19 Aug 2013

A new and special expedition to 'Mawson's Antarctica'. The Australasian Antarctic Expedition of 2013/14 aims to repeat Mawson's …

Antarctica's 'Blood Falls' contain a Unique Ecosystem

4 Jul 2013

This five-story, blood-red waterfall pours very slowly out of the Taylor Glacier in Antarctica's McMurdo Dry Valleys. When geolo…

New 'Under the Ice' Map of Antarctica

11 Jun 2013

NASA has recently released a video showing the results of a study assembled by the British Antarctic Survey - Bedmap2 - which pr…

Earliest satellite maps of polar sea-ice

25 Apr 2013

BBC reports the earliest satellite maps of Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice have been assembled by scientists. They were made using …

Antarctica summer ice melt greatest for 1000 years

16 Apr 2013

At a time when those of us in more northerly latitudes are longing for the spring thaw, it is sobering to learn that summer ice …

Classic South Georgia Expedition

15 Apr 2013

New voyage announced to South Georgia and Antarctica on board the M/V Ushuaia this October/November. This 16 night expedition to…