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The High Arctic

It is without doubt one of the greatest experiences to travel to the Arctic, the northerly extreme of the planet and one of its most beautiful and sensitive environments. During the summer months this otherwise harshly cold world comes alive with visiting and endemic wildlife. In places such as Svalbard, Greenland, northern Canada and Russia you can see the enigmatic polar bear roaming the sea ice as well as marine mammals such as whales, seals and walrus. Marvel at spectacular mountains springing from the sea, blue ice and grinding glaciers. Vast colonies of seabirds, come to breed and raise their young on the food-rich summer tundra. The Arctic is redolent with stories of Viking conquest and European discovery, and myths from ancient Northern cultures.

Those travellers fortunate enough to visit the High Arctic polar regions find themselves changed by the experience and longing to return.

Key Arctic Travel Destinations: